Saturday, May 8, 2010

Samples from my Current Book in Process

(CLICK ont he images below to get larger views) I finally have some proof that I have been busy working on a new book over the past six months! Below I'm posting a bunch of images taken from some of the process of the new book. This book will be published by Wind RIdge Publishing in Vermont as soon as the illustrations are done. First up is the Character turn-around of the head for one of the main characters in the book.
Below is a character lineup of all of the characters in the color sample stage where I got a feel for how the faces would be painted and the colors of their clothing.
Below is one of the spot illustrations from the book. Not 100% done yet but close.

Below are a couple of the earlier illustrations in the book, also not 100% done yet. The faces in these are just rough lay in and will be fixed later.

Below is a close up of the dog character (Jake) as he sticks his head out the window and gets a good look at the car wheels.

Below is some of the process work for one of the illustrations. I've got some character sketches, background sketch, and one of the color samples for the scene.


Wilson said...

Hey, congrats on your next book, Matthew. That's VERY cool!

tiffannysketchbook said...

wow!! i'm trying to be a children's book illustrator. very cool that you have a book in progress. thanks for posting

Matthew Gauvin said...

Thanks Tiffany! That book is finally done and I've started on my next one. I'm still working towars being published by major publishers and getting my work known in the world of chidlren's publishing. That's the tough part,LOL. Anyway, thanks for popping in to say hi.

Matthew Gauvin said...

by the way, your work is amazing! You could easily illustrate children's books. Your characters are fantastic.