Monday, June 20, 2011

IF Launch

This week's word for Illustration Friday is Launch. I could think of nothing more appropriate than my cats favorite passtime. Two of their favorite passtimes are "Launching" and "Plopping". They will launch themselves from the cat tree and land on coffee tables five feet below. They will launch from my lap to my keyboard or from my buearu to my stomach while I'm sleeping. They seem to have this great knack for knowing the exact instant I'm just about to wake up because for some reason I always seem to wake up just moments after one of them launches themselves onto my stomach. Funny how that works. Too bad my sense of humor doesn't kick in until sometime in the afternoon.

    As for plopping, they will plop down and go to sleep on just about anything so long as it's something I happen to be working on. They love to lay down on my drawings and walk over paintings. They really seem to love sleeping on my scanner, keyboard, on my chair etc. The harder they fall and the wider they can streatch out their legs to scatter art supplies, papers, coffee, books or whatever is in reach, the louder they pur. They particularly seem to love plopping down in front of me while I'm trying to walk by them. Over the years this has made me in to something of an olympic athlete in the sport of Cat dodging.


Draw For joy said...

What a mess! Good drawing!

Alison said...

I love the action and energy of this and the contrast between the textured blue of the background and the black drawing.

Mindful Drawing said...

Good drawing indeed. Without the 'alarm' colour red but with the calm colour blue you've created a picture of action. But it works. Well done.

Matthew Gauvin said...

DFJ- Thanks! When I first read your comment in my e-mail I was a bit surprised to read the words "what a mess" as I forgot which image it was for,haha.

Alison- Thanks! That technique of using a texture underneath with a drawing on top is a neat technique I learned from Dani Jones do her work. She generally goes on after to color the drawing in photoshop.

MD- Thank you! red would have been an interesting choice as well but possibly would have overpowered the drawing since there is so much texture on that background layer. It deffinetly would have given a great boost to the alarm and actionin the scene though.very helpful critique, staying true to your blogger name.

Sarah Melling said...

Very the movement you've captured!

Matthew Gauvin said...

Thanks Sarah!I love the still lifes you've captured. Some amazing flowers and other objects.