Friday, September 9, 2011

Samantha Loses The Box Turtle Chapter Book Cover Design

I'm exausted but wanted to get up yet ANOTHER book cover design I'm working on. Just finsihed up the "Allegra Friend of All Monsters" Children's book cover design and illustation. I'm tryign to finish off this new cover and about five more black and white illustrations by mid next week! Yikes! Here's what I've doen so far.
     A bunch of thumbnails for the client to choose from.
She narrowed it down to a few so i revised those a bit adn did a coupel new ones.
She then asked all of her facebook friends to weigh in and folsk were all over the place! three or four people for each image,LOL. Thena  few folks seemed to lean towards number one as kids will love the closeup on the turtle and Sam. We both agreed that seems to be the one for our cover which will mostly be viewed at a small size on amazon before beign purchase. So here's my revised rawing for that. I have a coupel versions to determien if we hould have the backgroudn drawn in or not.

with that I did some variations on the title design. thinking of going with a hadn drawn personalized title for this one as it will repeat from one book to the next and we wanted soemthing to define the series. I liked number five which has the turtle pattern laid over the font. Woudl look cool when all painted and tightened up.


Sandra van Doorn said...

so interesting to see the process of book illustrations; so much work :)
i just checked out your folio, what a wonderful collection you have there!
x sandra

Matthew Gauvin said...

Thanks Sandra! Yes, It allways tends to be waay more work than even I realize. Every time I do it I keep track of the time and am allways shocked. Some days all i want to do is go outside and paint a rock, cloud or tree just to experience the pure joy of painting something quickly with great result. Thanks for stopping by!