Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Cloudy Day: Part four

In progress illustrations
A change in sky color

As I'm in the process of writing up a newsletter I figured it's about time I put up the cover for my newest children's book "A cloudy Day" so I can link to it. This is just my own text layout as I don't have the final version of the cover available to me at this point. Finishing off the final two spot illustrations for this book tonight so it can head off to print soon!


John Voss said...

Cover looks great... Sorry it's taken me a minute to respond to your last comment. I've been out of town and all over the place the last while.

Looks like things are buzzing right along for you. Your work looks great. And I'm really diggin' some of the nature watercolors you've been doing. Good stuff.

Stay blessed. Talk soon.

Matthew Gauvin said...

Thanks John!!! Hope things settle back down for ya.