Monday, January 10, 2011

Monster Character Designs

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Please vote at left on which monster design is your favorite. These are just the very first rough draft of monster samples for my new book "Allegra, Friend of all Monsters". I will be narrowing these down to about three and then experimenting a bunch more with those three to get interesting variations and really push the design to it's fullest potential. Actually I'm hoping my client will narrow it dow to his favorite but none the less I would love to hear other peopl's opinions.

        I do intend to play around more with all of the features, the eyes, ears, nose, mouth  etc. placement on head, size, style.  look like but want to narrow it down to a rough body type first. Then I will also probably play around more with the size relationships of the body parts. Maybe he will have huge arms dragging on the floor, or  a tiny head with huge body or huge head with tiny body. But obviously I don't have time to try those options out on all of these samples. So help me narrow it down. The monster in the book is supposed to be about three feet tall, green, friendly and fuzzy. Some of these look too much like actual animals rather than monsters and some may get close to known charcters without me being aware of it. So please feel free to mention that as well in the comments.

To see the final character desing click here

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