Thursday, March 10, 2011

Character Designs for New Children's Book

            Below I've posted a quick introduction to my two newest characters for my current book "Allegra, Friend to all Monsters". A ton of work went into the monster character in particular even if it's not necessarily evident from the final design. But collectively the client and I are happy with the final design.

I'm planning to post some of my process work for designing that character sometime to show how involved that process can be from the initial forty rough designs sketches up through the various fur patterns and appendages and body shapes .
I always wonder how different a given character would have turned out if I had the opportunity to design something completely on my own, without client guidance and having to stick to the words of a story. It's not that I feel I could necesarily do a better job on my own as I really do feel that client or art director input is vitally important to help me see things I can't see on my own. However I would be lying if I said I never wanted to chose other thumbnails or character designs over those chosen by clients. The important thing is that by the end of the book i usually agree full heartedly with the final product.
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For a great book on character design check out the link below.

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