Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teen Chapter Book Cover Design

Finally getting in some serious time on my new projects so I'll be posting sketches from a couple different projects over the next few weeks. For now just taking a moment to post some very rough preliminary sketches for my new chapter book cover design. The book is "The Silver Shuttle" by Jennifer Hayes".
This is really only the second book I've done for this reading level and is going to be a ton of fun! For this book I have the opportunity to do three very detailed shaded graphite renderings of action packed scenes and one cover illustration which I hope to do in oil if time allows. The only catch is that I have two other in depth projects going on at the same time and only have about three weeks left to work on this chapter book, YIKES! Back to work.


Daisy said...

It is looking amazing so far Matthew. The design is one that would catch my attention. I'll be anxious to see the final result!

Matthew Gauvin said...

Thanks Daisy, This one should really stand out amongst my illustrations symply because of the theme. It's got the bold in your face action pose, will have very imaginative creature designs and overall has a story telling quality to the cover that will certainly pique the interest of the intended audience (or so I hope). I just spent the day working on the final drawing for this image and am extremely excited about it so far. I'll probably post some of that tomorrow or next week.