Monday, November 24, 2008

Matty goes Digital!

Many of you who know me and my art making process know that I'm not very interested in making digital art. However I have seen a huge surge in this form of art in the last few years and realize it's importance in today's illustration marketplace. In recognition of the benefits and necessity of digital art, I have decided to give it a shot. The skull to the right is my very first quick sketch done with a wacom tablet in adobe photoshop. It's just an attempt to get a feel for using the tablet. I plan to work with the tablet until I get as confident with it as I am with a pencil. This will enable me to work faster and cheaper and hopefully broaden my field of employment. I've been playing around with google sketchup, Inkscape and have worked with adobe photohsop for about four years now. I plan to study some tutorials on adobe illustrator, indesign and other common programs used in the illustration field. Many job listings don't even want to see traditional art unless the artist is also capable of working with these common programs.