Monday, July 22, 2013

Still Doing Digital Illustration and Loving it!

About a month ago I finished off my first digitally illustrated book and now I'm headed into a new series of three books that are also planned to be done digitally! I have a feeling once I get enough samples to show clients the possibilities, not many will want traditional mediums. That works out great as I will still be able to have fun doing oil and watercolor paintings for my landscapes while using digital for my books and Vermoosin' stuff.

I've already posted some samples from the first book, " Brave Roger Little Mumps and Me" but here they are again finished.

And heres a series of samples from my new book. These are just rough as we are wrapping up the character design stage. The final art will be more carefully crafted.  I've heard and seen that children's book are headed in the digital direction. In fact some people are saying that there won't be many traditional illustrators left as publishers will head more in the direction of having art that moves and that can be interacted with. So it's time for me to stop being stubborn and either ge ton board or be left behind. The good thing is that I'm loving digital so far so it's been a fun ride.