Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Recap of Recent work and link to my Recent WCAX Appearance

I haven't posted much for a while as I've been going in all sorts of directions. The coolest bits of news for me are that I was recently on the VT news WCAX: The 30 with Kristin Van Aken to discuss our book " PIGS! Under the Post Office?"  (linked to vid at end of this post) and leading up to that I finally began a project that I'm working on in collaboration with my wife Barb.

      That project is a series of Illustrated products under the title of "Vermoosin'". She's the mastermind behind it really. I mentioned to her that I've been really wanting to do a line of t-shirts and products centered around a crazy VT moose character and she reminded me that she LOVE's Moose and the brain storming began. I think she thought of the name "Vermoosin'" , she also came up with the name "Kirby" for the moose. This project is in the veeeeery beginning stages still and I actually will likely still do lots of character design and maybe move into a different medium or change the look of the character entirely. I really didn't push the character as much as I wanted to yet. We just wanted to get out some initial designs before the news appearance.  I'll do an official launch once we feel everything is where we want it and have  a good series of products started with a good store, website etc. I have tons of marketing ideas waaaay above and beyond anything I've ever done for any children's books so maybe one day this could be something known by name across Vewrmont! There is  a link on the homepage of my website and I'll get one on my blog soon. To purchase some of the initial designs go to*

Other recent work includes, I recently finished my third book in the samantha series.

I did a quick children's portrait.

I did  some new spot illustrations for the samantha book and a logo for a special edition of those books.

I've been working on thumbnail sketches for my newest children's book " Brave Roger, Little Mumps and Me: Four Stories for Grins and Giggles" By James Mee

For those who weren't able to see it live, here's the vid of Kristin and I on the news talking about our book.  It's always bizzare seeing myself on any sort of video but I'm just happy I was able to get words to come out of my mouth! LOL You can get a copy of the book on amazon but the author's preference for buying is through createspace at