Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Illustrator of the Month on

 I promise this isn't another April Fools joke, even though I thought it was when I found out last night. While checking e-mails I discovered that actually made me their Illustrator of the month!!!!! That means for the month of April they will have a link to my page on the front page of their site! What an awesome early birthday present! I've been on the site for less than a month and I'm pretty excited to see if this might possibly get some business coming my way. I kept putting it off for years and years because of the cost to join but finally bit the bullet knowing I need to do something different. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. Barb has pushed me out of my insanity and encouraged me to get myself and my art out there a bit more than I would on my own.
       I'm sure I'll make another post at the end of the month to say whether I got any work out of it or not. This will be the ultimate test for this site in my mind because If I can't get any work or offers from publishers after being on the front page of a major children's illustrator site like that, then either the site isn't as great as they claim or my art isn't as good as I hope! I've worked for more than seven years as a full time illustrator trying to figure out how to get noticed by brick and mortar publishers.  Hoping for the best.


Risa at Funky Dreams Art Studio said...

Congratulations, Matthew! That's awesome news.

Matthew Gauvin said...

Thanks soo much Risa! Enjoy your vacation. I didn't even realize there was an option to put an etsy shop on hold while on vacation. I'll have to remember that.