Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vermoosin' Hard Cider!!!!

Vermonters will probably remember last year when The Vermont based company "Woodchuck Hard Cider" was in a dispute with the "WoodChuck Coffee Roasters" Company over their name and Logo.


Well that dispute worked out to my favor in a LARGE way as I'm now happy to present their new labeling and Identy will be branded around Barbs and My "Vermoosin" Concept!  They are calling it "Whacky Antler Hard Cider" and will be working with me to create a whole line of Kirby the Moose Illustrations to fit each of their products. Below is a mock up they sent of their "Amber" product.  Not only will I be getting a whole lot of free hard Cider but I managed to work out a really amazing advance and royalty with them!!!!  Here's a link to  my original Vermoosin' products on zazzle for those interested in purchasing them.   http://www.zazzle.com/sneezingleopard

EDIT:   Sorry to have to report this is actually just a bad April Fool's Joke. I posted it to FB as well and I started to feel pretty bad when everyone was showing such kind support. I have to say I even surprised myself when I dropped that moose into place in photoshop and saw how cool he looked. Maybe I should contact "Woodchuck" and see if they have plans to launch another line of products anytime soon!

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